Xi’an to host China's largest multi-sports event

The Inside of the Xi'an Olympic Sports Center
26/07/2021 04:16 PM

KUALA LUMPUR, July 26 -- On July 27, the 50-day countdown begins to mark the opening of the 14th National Games of China, the biggest national multi-sports event in China, with Xi'an, the main venue of the Games, making final preparations for the smooth opening of the event.

The Xi'an Municipal Government announced at a recent press conference that 191 of the 214 key construction projects for the 14th National Games have been completed, and the remaining are expected to be completed before Aug 1, according to a statement.

These projects include sports venues, upgrading of transportation networks, and renovation of existing residential areas.

Xi'an is a world-renowned thousand-year ancient capital city and also a new ‘national central city’ in China. Taking advantage of the 14th National Games, the city is reinventing itself, achieving outstanding development and economic growth.

As the main venue for the opening ceremony of the 14th National Games, the Xi'an Olympic Sports Center, with a stadium, gymnasium and swimming and diving hall, was completed by July 2020.

The 60,000-seat stadium, 18,000-seat gymnasium and 4,000-seat swimming and diving hall make the sports centre the largest of its kind in northwest China.

As the largest sports event held in China since the outbreak of COVID-19, pandemic prevention and control is the key to the success of the 14th National Games.

To ensure safety and orderly organisation of the National Games, the organisers will implement a closed-loop management system for the athletes, coaches and correspondents, and adopt information technology-based measures for remote pandemic control.

The Games will be open for spectators, who are required to undergo full vaccination for COVID-19, at least 14 days ahead of the competition, and should provide negative nucleic acid test certificates 72 hours before entering any venue.

In addition, Xi'an's urban management, transportation, cultural and tourism systems have been fully mobilised, sparing no effort to support the event. Medical, volunteer and security teams are also in place to provide the best support for the Games.

Sport is one universal language shared by the globe, whose unique charm and communication allow Xi'an to present its most profound deposits and youngest facet. The time-honoured city is running on the road connecting with the rest of the world